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  • Word Press Twitter Widget 1.0

    With this easy to use and setup wordpress widget you will soon be displaying your latest tweets on your website. Below is a list of websites using
  • Word Press Icon Installer 1.0

    This program just puts a Wordpress Icon on your desktop in the form of an Internet Desktop Shortcut that when clicked, takes you straight to the home
  • Table Templates Manager for Word 1.3

    You have no need to create a table again and again because 'Table Templates Manager for Word' allows you to use your created table in any word
  • Business Letter Templates for Word 2.0.1

    Microsoft Word Letter Templates for Law Offices and General Business Use Word Automation's Letter and Correspondence Templates help guarantee
  • Press TV

    This extension lets you view news from Press TV at a glance, you can select categories of news - such as Latest News (the Default option), to Middle
  • Press 4.0

    You can run your power event quickly by using handy software utility Press that is actually a Revolutionary Powerlifting Round System software. You
  • The Quiz Press 2.5.3

    With an easy-to-use interface, make your own quizzes that you can put on the web or print out for classroom use. Now featuring integration with
  • Quiz Press 2.4

    Quiz Press 2.4 is a software designed to help you quickly put together tests (for Web and Print) with multiple choice, true/false, fill-in the blanks,
  • Number Press 5.0.1

    Numbering Software - Raffles, forms, etc Number Press - Numbering has never been easier. The perfect solution for printshops, organizations, clubs
  • I Can Press Keys 1.0

    A fun game for children aged 1-3 I Can Press Keys is a fun game designed for children in the 1 to 3 year age range. It offers a number of different
  • Press Releaser 1.0

    The Press Releaser generates press releases. The Press Releaser lets the user type in all the facts, checks that the information is correct,
  • Press Cuttings

    Press cuttings is a play written by Shaw from a collection of editorial and correspondence columns of the Daily
  • Document Press 1.11

    Document Press compresses MS Office documents and big number of other files. Document Press reduces file size by removing dead space. There is no any
  • JOC Press Release 2.12

    This program can generate an extraodinary amount of publicity for your products, services, causes or websites. Key Features: Compose and email your

    Four fonts in all: light and dark, aligned and variegated. Mix and match for a totally random, hand-printed look. CHELT PRESS v2.0 is extensively
  • Meet the Press 7.09.12

    Since the earliest days of television in the 1940's, Meet the Press has been asking the hard questions, and world leaders have answered. As a
  • The Deck Press 1.0

    Deck builder for Hardwood Solitaire II: The Enchanted Decks. Now you can add images of your favorite characters, your cat, your dog, your pet sock,
  • Cake Press 1.0

    The point of the game is to place three or more blocks of the same or suitable type in some kind of continuous figure. But it's not so easy! Lot's of
  • Do Not Press The Red Button 1.0

    Do Not Press The Red
  • Press Your Luck Game 2.0.1

    Press Your Luck Game is one of many free Games you can download at Free Ride Games, Big Bucks, no Whammy! The classic 80's game show makes its video
  • Press Release Script 2.8

    Make your Press Release Submission Web Site with just one click using ultimate tools included in Press Release Script. The user friendly display and
  • Press Management Software 2.0

    Press Management Software (Strategic Analysis Press Management Software (Strategic Analysis,
  • Press Release Submitter 4.0

    Launching a new website is an exciting thing for any business owner, but building enough exposure to become ?visible? on the Web can be difficult.
  • Paladin Press On Demand 1.0

    Paladin Press On Demand is an easy-to-use, convenient, and completely secure software program that allows you to download your favorite Paladin videos
  • journalist media and press contacts 1.5

    Directory of almost all newspapers, tv stations, magazines, reporters, publishers, reporters in the USA. Contains contact information, such as email
  • PhotoBook Press Design Tool 5.8.4

    PhotoBook Design Tool is a software that help you to your own PhotoBook Press photobook. PhotoBook Press PhotoBook Design Tool offers a wide array of
  • Press Release Submitter Enterprise Edition 1.0

    Increase search ranking and generate more traffic. Rapid and effective method for link popularity.No effort : EPractize Labs SEO Press Release
  • Press Release Submitter Standard Edition 2.0

    EPractize Labs SEO Press Release Submission Software manages press releases, generate RSS feeds, manages login and submit by submission wizards. Easy
  • Z Mini Game 1 - xTrEmE PrEsS teh Button 1.0

    "Push the button" has gone gangsta! New look, same rules. Push the button to stop the score counter. Try and get as close to 100 points without going
  • Automatically Press or Type Keys Repeatedly Software 7.0

    This software has ability to automatically press keys over and over at specified intervals while you work. You can set Key presses to occur after
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  • Microsoft Word template 0.1

    Free MS word templates Download Professional word templates Today! Exceptional, pre-designed and easy to customize Professional Microsoft word templates that include high quality layouts, photos and artwork. Here are
  • 30 2.0

    You can get following templates from the templates Pack: PSD templates, Flash templates, Banner templates, HTML templates, Drupal templates, Dreamweaver templates, PowerPoint templates, Logo templates, Full Site
  • Table Templates Manager for Word 1.3

    You have no need to create a table again and again because 'Table templates Manager for word' allows you to use your created table in any word documents at any time it will remain same as it was before or at the time
  • Business Letter Templates for Word 2.0.1

    Microsoft word Letter templates for Law Offices and General Business Use word Automation's Letter and Correspondence templates help guarantee consistent document production across multiple office Locations and
  • Comfort Templates Manager 2.0

    Comfort templates Manager is a template manager you can use to quickly paste frequently used text fragments or images. Why do you particularly need Comfort templates Manager? Despite the visible simplicity of the
  • Word Password Recovery Wizard 2.1.2

    word Password Recovery Wizard is a sophisticated solution for recovering all types of passwords in MS word. The program supports all versions of Microsoft word, including 2007. You can gain access to your valuable
  • Sinhala Converter 1.4

    This toolbar converts Sinhala phonetics (Singlish) to Sinhala unicode fonts based on the "Unicode Real Time Font Conversion Utility". With this add-on, users can easily search Sinhala words/phrases in Google, Chat in
  • Health Reporter 4.1.51

    Health Reporter is the Software that easily turns fitness appraisals, medical evaluations and exercise programs into beautiful, customizable, Microsoft word reports. Health Reporter works with Microsoft word to give you
  • AWinware Word to PDF Converter

    Software is very efficient and affordable by all level of users, supports MS word 2000, 2003 & 2007. word file to PDF Converter software can convert document (DOC & DOCX) as well as document templates (DOT). PDF Creator
  • Word to Flash Magazine 2.2

    word to Flash Magazine program is a quickly and easily word documents (*.doc/*.docx) to Flash magazine converter. You can convert word 2010, word 2007, word 2003, word 2000, word 97 to Flash Magazine. Don't need any
  • Word Repair 1.0

    word Repair launches word 2002 or word XP in a safe mode and starts the hidden support tool to troubleshoot and/or customize word. During word startup, several components are loaded, including: word's Data registry key,
  • AutoPlay me for Word 5.0.2

    Simply drag and drop your word Document file and then press the Write CD Now button and you are done. AutoPlay me for word does all the work. Not only does it add your file it also adds the word Viewer to the cd. Your
  • AutoPlay me for Word Trial 5.0.2

    AutoPlay me for word' does all the work. Simply 'drag and drop' your word Document file and then press the 'Write CD Now' button and you are done! Not only does it add your file it also adds the word Viewer to the cd.
  • Crossword Puzzle 1.1.0

    This is a crossword puzzle game in which you need to fill in all the blocks with characters. Position the mouse cursor over a block to see the related hints, and the press the mouse button to begin entering the word, use
  • OOo Label Templates 1.0

    Free Opendocument Format label templates in over 50 sizes including CD, mailing, DVD, address, Avery sizes, shipping and more. US letter and a4 sizes available. Set-up time is quick and printing labels from these
  • Word Search 3.0

    In this game you need to search for a word that matches a given meaning. The word will appear in a large grid of letters, and can orient in all different directions such as from left to right, from bottom to top, from
  • CollectAssistant 2.00

    This software provide many way to help user collect information. It allow user do the following operation 1. Capture screen (full or part) 2. quick part screen capture 3. auto capture every n seconds 4. edit
  • MS Word Save Doc As Dot Software 7.0

    Convert one or more MS word files (.doc or .docx) to Document templates (.dot or .dotx). word 2000 or higher
  • Natural Word from Software Theories 1.0.0

    Natural word allows the user to command Microsoft word using their own words. Finally, make word do what you want it to do without memorizing cryptic menus, toolbars, or command syntax. Simply type in what you want,
  • NN Translator 0.1 Alpha

    A Simple, powerful, Metro style translator that run minimized. Copy any word to the Clipboard, press CTRL + SHIFT + T and the word will be magically translated to the selected language. Ctrl - C (copy the word in
  • Classic Menu for Word 2007 7.00

    Let your Microsoft word 2007 function just as the previous version of Microsoft word 2003 by using Classic Menu for word 2007! If you have been used to word 2003, your 2007 version will function in the same way, and
  • WinCHM for Word 3.0.5

    Create the document in word, output the HTML Help, Web Help and PDF with WinCHM for word. Use Microsoft word as the word processor so we can get big advantages on creating the documents. With the over 20 built-in
  • Smart Find 0.2.2

    A Smart way to Find the most similar word in the page. In this extension, we present an improvement to the Find method in Firefox, which allows a user to find a word by just giving clues to the method. SmartFind allows
  • MS Word To HTML Converter 3.35

    MS word to HTML Converter is a tool developed for converting word documents to HTML format. MS word to HTML Converter is a professional tool that enables you to publish a word document on the web or world wide web for
  • Pop-Up Dictionary 4.7

    This program will help you translate texts from virtually any language. Just select an unknown word in your text, press Ctrl+Ins+Ins and you will see the translation, press Ins and this word is marked for studying. Set
  • WORD to FlipBook 2.4

    word to FlipBook is a word to flash converter that enables you to turn your word file into flash page flipping magazine. With word to FlipBook , you can create Digital Publication, Digital Catalog, Digital Web
  • Binary Toys 1.0

    You can get interactive windowless virtual toys from handy Binary Toys package. These simple physics based toys are actually made up of springs, muscles, and masses and are created by Soda. You will use following
  • Mario Game: Mario Run 1.0

    Mario run is a 1 player game -You must avoid Koopas longest possible! -press in the menus for in a world! -press Q to leave. -press M to go to the Menu of the levels. -press R to start again. -This game countains 6
  • XpressDox for Word 2010 (64 bit) 4.2

    XpressDox Document Assembly for word 2010 64-bit with OpenXML support XpressDox Document Assembly is an Add In that installs to the Microsoft Office word ribbon. templates and data are stored using OpenXML to ensure
  • Template Package (Flat Panel) 1.0

    templates provide eBook Maestro users with an easy way to customize common areas of eBooks. You can use templates for changing the appearance of Control Bar, Search Bar and Buy Page in your products. The package includes